April 27, 2011

Deviation from training schedule

I was completely on track with my Runner's World Smart Coach training program for Grandma's Marathon.  Then my plan went crazy because I wanted to run some local (and fun races).  I ran the Red River Run (tried to break 1 hour - but came up 10 seconds short). I ran a the Gary Brewer Memorial 5k in Deridder (goal to break 30 minutes).  I ran the Anacoco Tailtwisting 10k (PR of 58:52).  I ran the Crescent City Classic (just a fun run with costumes and drinking Jello shots).  This coming weekend is the Rocketchix Triathlon in Baton Rouge.  Then next week is the annual Armadillo Stamped (5k).

So of course, to get ready for the triathlon, I had to throw in some swimming and biking.  I have to work some also - there are only so many hours in the day - so the long runs have suffered.

I put in my information into the Smart Coach calculator.  The disclaimer that came back warned against running a marathon with so little preparation.  I am planning of splitting my long runs for the next 2 weekends.  I will run the triathlon - then later in the day complete the long distance miles.

This is probably a stupid plan - but it is the only one that I have.  As long as I obey the 10% rule and don't increase my mileage too much - I should keep from getting injured.

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