April 27, 2011

Deviation from training schedule

I was completely on track with my Runner's World Smart Coach training program for Grandma's Marathon.  Then my plan went crazy because I wanted to run some local (and fun races).  I ran the Red River Run (tried to break 1 hour - but came up 10 seconds short). I ran a the Gary Brewer Memorial 5k in Deridder (goal to break 30 minutes).  I ran the Anacoco Tailtwisting 10k (PR of 58:52).  I ran the Crescent City Classic (just a fun run with costumes and drinking Jello shots).  This coming weekend is the Rocketchix Triathlon in Baton Rouge.  Then next week is the annual Armadillo Stamped (5k).

So of course, to get ready for the triathlon, I had to throw in some swimming and biking.  I have to work some also - there are only so many hours in the day - so the long runs have suffered.

I put in my information into the Smart Coach calculator.  The disclaimer that came back warned against running a marathon with so little preparation.  I am planning of splitting my long runs for the next 2 weekends.  I will run the triathlon - then later in the day complete the long distance miles.

This is probably a stupid plan - but it is the only one that I have.  As long as I obey the 10% rule and don't increase my mileage too much - I should keep from getting injured.

April 23, 2011

The Blog Begins - Crescent City Classic

 Well here starts Frannie's world of blogging....Today I ran the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. 

Polly woke up early and wished me a good race.  She was supposed to watch from the corner of Toulouse and Rampart as I ran by - but I must have missed the corner.  Before I knew it I was turning the corner at Esplanade.

Sea of people ahead of me

This is not the race to expect a PR (unless you are one of the seeded runners with a number less than 100).  The announced number of participants was over 21,500.  My number was in the 11,000's but there were probably at least 10,000 walkers who started ahead of me. I spent the first 2 miles zig zagging around strollers and walkers - many of whom walked 6-7 people across. 

This is the race for people to dress up in costumes and have a good time.  There were many people in bunny ears, super hero costumes, and just about anything that you can think of.  My favorite group was a group wearing Black with bunny ears and fuzzy tails.  They carried a wagon with a huge boom box.  They also had several other wagons with what I thought was water.  I hung with this group for a while because they were so large - they plowed their way through the walkers.

Bunny people with support wagons
I stopped to call Pollie and let her know that I missed her.  When I caught up to the bunny group - they had stopped.  I found out that the support wagons were full of Jello shots and the bunnies were handing them out to the runners. 

Bunnies hand Jello shots to the runners at 2011 Crescent City Classic

The temperature at the start of the race was at least 80 degrees and humidity was typical New Orleans.  So I just treated this like a Sunday slow run.  Even though - it was shorter than I should be doing to prepare for Grandma's Marathon  - which is 56 days from now.

So to recap - my slow Sunday Saturday run in New Orleans:

Mile 1:  12:37 - strollers & walker issues
Mile 2:  12:12 - they are thinning out
Mile 3:  13:00 - stopped to call Polly and take pictures of Bunnies
Mile 4:  10:32 - the walkers are starting to thin out
Mile 5:  10:14 - still crowded
Mile 6:  10:07 - I am feeling good - but there are still strollers - these people started with the Kenyans!

Final time was 1:10:42 - too fast for a slow run and too slow for a 10K - just having fun

I am running with new Brooks Ghost 3's and my feet feel good.

Now - just relaxing in the room - catching up on a Baby Blanket - will head back home tomorrow morning and hope to get a Swim - Bike workout in with Katie.  Rocket Chix triathlon is next Sunday.

Hope that I get a chance to do a mid week blog - may need Jennifer's help with some things.  I am sure she will critique this blog - and give a daughter's constructive criticism.