It's All About Steve

Steve would always say, "It's all about me."  Don't know if he was just joking or honestly thought that the world should revolve around him.  I know that he did not believe this because Steve was all about everyone else.  So on this page - I will remember Steve in anectodes and pictures.  Because Steve, It is all about you!

He was always available to help someon else out.  If you asked him to help, he would not hesitate.  Something needs to be done - get Steve to do it.  Because he wouldn't dilly dally about - NO - just do it now and we won't have to think about it later.  If he was going to Wal-Mart - B-line to whatever he needed and back to the check-out.  No window shopping or wasting time.

My last memory of Steve helping me out was on Friday, October 14, 2011.  We had just gone to the movies that afternoon with Corbin and Kris (Jennifer's mother-in-law).  Corbin was staying at our house for the night and had drove back with Steve in the Hootie-mobile.  Cole was still in the hospital - so trying to give Andrew and Jennnifer a little break.  As I was driving back from Leesville, the brake light in my car went on for a few seconds then went off.  I pulled up and told Steve about it. Before I could even get my car unloaded, Steve had the hood up and was checking out the Brake fluid level.  I was a little low - He was explaining how it could happen and what I should do.  Steve did like to be a little superior when it came to my mechanical abilities.  But he did like explaining things to me.