February 25, 2013

2013 Rock N Roll New Orleans

February 24, 2013

I was not planning on running  Rock n Roll New Orleans.  I am looking at the budget and spending money on select races.  Since I am doing 2 cruises this year, travel money only goes so far.  But my friend, Rosalyn, was doing her first marathon at this race.  Because we have run together so much for training, she really wanted me to run the first part of the race with her.  The course splits  near the finish area at City Park, so we would be together for over 12 miles.  So, I said, Yes, and registered.  Then a month before the race, she gets injured and can not run.

Luckily, my daughter, Jennifer and friend Brandy were planning on running together. I had run with them at the Army 10 Miler in October and sort of paced them along the way. Their goal was to finish under 3:00.  So, I volunteered to pace them for this race

We watch the weather reports for the week before the race.  Rain looked like it was going to be in the picture, but the temperature was going to be in the 60's.  Not too bad, but not my preferred running weather.  I do not like to be cold, and 60 degrees is cold to me.

Luckily, we escaped the rain, but it was very windy.  Making it feel colder.  But I planned accordingly.  I alway try to remember and bring trash bags.

Jennifer, Brandy, and Fran before the race
(borrowed from the website until I can buy)
 Jennifer and I were very familiar with the warmth of a trash bag.  At the 2010 Walt Disney half marathon, we ran with trash bags for 3 miles when the weather was in the 20's.  Brandy had never had to wear a trash bag - she said that it was a life saver.

We started in Coral 18 and I had a strategy to finish the race under 3:00.  At about mile 7, I was having a hard time doing long division in my head and thought that we wouldn't finish under 3:00.  I probably picked up the pace a little - but we had actually been fine.  We finished in 2:51:43 - Goal met.

It was still a little cool for running for me.  When we finished, we weren't interested in post run festivities or the beer, just walked nearly a mile to catch the bus back to downtown.  I wish the buses could be a little closer, but the process worked very well.  Corrals were build for runners to enter and 5 buses loaded simultaneously.  Very good Rock n Roll.  There were plenty of buses - just lots of people to ride them.

More Bling to add to the collection
Long drive back to Leesville.  I would not have minded resting a day leisurly in New Orleans - but needed to get back to work. Overall - good race - I love to run in New Orleans.  In fact we will be back in New Orleans in 5 weeks to run the Crescent City Classic before getting on the cruise.

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