January 14, 2013

What is in store for 2013?

Is 2013 going to be different, better, or worse?  Who knows, but the one thing that I know for sure is that this is going to be the first time in 30 years that I am not going to be able to check the Married box on my tax return.

Tomorrow is the 15th month anniversary of Steve being killed.  If nothing else, life is different.  Certainly not better.

But the thing that really keeps me going is running.  It's the only thing in my life that still seems the same. Since Steve didn't do any running after he retired from the Army, I would run alone or with other friends.  He was at many races and events as my support person though.  If I traveled and he didn't want to come, he would call me afterwards to see how I did.  I miss talking to him so much.  It is pretty much a one sided conversation now.

I have been working hard trying to get my Half Marathon time under 2:05 and my 5K time under 26:00.  I can run forever at a slow pace, but I may just not have enough fast twitch fibers to go any faster.  So, those continue to be my goals for 2013

As of now, this is what is planned so far for 2013

January 20 - Louisiana Marathon -  Baton Rouge, LA - Support person for Jennifer, Brandy, and Lindsay

February 2 - Park to Park Half Marathon - Sulphur, LA

February 9 - Mumbo Gumbo Mardi Gras 5k - Leesville, LA -

Febrary 24 - New Orleans Rock N Roll Half Marathon - New Orleans, LA

March 9 - Red River Run (10K) - Alexandria, LA

March 20 - Crescent City Classic (10K) - New Orleans, LA

March 30 - April 6 - Caribbean Cruise with family

May 4 - Armadillo Stampede (5K) - Leesville, LA

June 1 - Hospital Hill Half Marathon - Kansas City, MO (tentative - was going to run with Jodi - but she won't be able to run this year)

September - Alaska Cruise with friends

There will be a few Triathlons - but haven't decided which ones

I am also looking for a new Fall half marathon - I need to stay focused and train or I will blimp out on the 2 cruises I am taking this year.

There will also be time for babies - the Twins are 10 days old now and new grandson is due the end of February.

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  1. Definitely let us know if you do Hospital Hill in June. It's a tough race. It's HOT, HUMID, and HILLY! But fun :)