November 30, 2011

Remembering Steve

I spend a lot of time lately remembering events and things that happened between me and my husband Steve.  I am looking at old picture and videos.  I am just thankful that so many pictures were taken over the years.  A lot I have because my daughter, Jennifer was an avid photographer.  Thank goodness for the digital age!!

Here are just a few that are my favorite.  I will probably post more and more as time goes on.

The earliest picture that I have of Steve (from when I knew him)
This picture was taken near Reno, NV - December 1981.
Steve and I drove to Reno from Fort Lewis, WA to get married.

Steve holding Jenny - 1 day old

Steve with Scott, Chris, and Jenny
and his beloved blue van
The Gibson Family
December 1990
The Gibson Family
May 1991
The day Steve returned from Dessert Storm
Steve with his Dad, Hoot

Steve with Corbin

Steve & Fran
December 2006

Bruce Martin & Steve
Having a good time
VFW - 2008

Steve driving Corbin on his motorcycle.
Taken August 2010
Steve loved to walk around while he played the guitar.
He had wireless - and could walk around the clubs socializing.
  Taken August 16, 2011

The last picture taken of Steve.  He was driving Kris (Jennifer's mother-in-law)
up to the hospital.  It was Kris' turn to stay with Cole that night

I will add more picture - and probably make this a page of its own later on.

I love you and miss you Steve.

November 2, 2011

Jazz Half - The Details

I always enjoy running in New Orleans.  The people are fun - usually so many creative costumes.  The food is delicious (yes, I put back the 2 pounds that I lost over the last 2 weeks).  The routes are scenic and very flat.  The weather is usually warm.

Saturday, the weather was cool (51 degrees ) and windy.  I was smart and brought my trash bag which kept me very warm.  I also had threw a pair of running gloves in my suitcase before I left - VERY good idea.  Scott, Victoria and I walked to the start which was only about 1/2 mile from our hotels.  There were several other runners that we knew running - so happened to pick a warm corner to wait for them.

Victoria was ansy and wanted to get to the start - but the wind was blowing - so we just stayed in our little corner until about 5 minutes before the race.  This was a nice size race - about 2000 for the half marathon and about 400 for the 5k.  Victoria and Scott are super fast - so they needed to be up front.  (Victoria ended up running 1:34 and Scott finished in 1:29, Scott ran the 5K in 22:13)

I was very happy finding a warm spot in the middle of many runners.  I took off my trash bag - but was very happy that I had the gloves.  I ended up running with the gloves for about 6 miles until it warmed up a little more.

Garmin was charged - but with buildings and some tight U-turns - it didn't read very accurate.  Here are my splits:

Mile 1:  9:18                                                 Mile 8: 9:22
Mile 2:  8:54                                                 Mile 9: 9:30
Mile 3:  7:50 (I don't think                            Mile 10:9:16
Mile 4:  8:52                                                 Mile 11: 10:11
Mile 5:  9:24                                                 Mile 12:  9:58
Mile 6:  9:14                                                 Mile 13:  10:16
Mile 7:  9:42                                                 .36 - 3:26

Garmin Distance:  13.36

Obviously, the Garmin got off a little at Mile 3 - probably tall buildings or trees.

Overall, very good race.  Afterwards, ate some great food including Gumbo from Mulates and creme' brulee'.  Now it will take me weeks to work off the calories.