April 18, 2015

Famous... or....Infamous ???

I have been absent from the Blogging world lately.  I have neither read nor posted for nearly a year.  Work, Grandkids, running, and the house renovation have just consumed me.  Work,  has gotten so busy.  If anyone in the Medical Field knows about CPOE and MU, they know what I'm talking about.  But, I did have some time on my hands the other evening, and read some of my favorites Blogs on my Dashboard.

Let me clarify.....I do not like conflict.  This has been a subject at work lately.

So, I really surprised myself when I responded very negatively to a Blog Post.  But I had a personal opinion and needed to get it off my chest.  I won't go in to detail because the blogger removed the post just a few minutes after I posted my comment.  But in that short time, I must have gotten someone's attention because I got 280 views of my blog in one day.  In comparison, I think that I got 20 view all last year!!!

I'm sure everyone who read my comments wanted to know what kind of crazy woman is responding negatively to someone who usually has such positive things to say.

I did realize, that my Blog had not been updated in a while.   AND more importantly, if people are going to check back in now and then - I need to have something for them to see.  It's like cleaning the house before company comes over.

The weather is supposed to be rainy this weekend - Lots of opportunities for a couple catch-up blogs

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