May 22, 2011

Last LONG run

Today was the scheduled last long run before Grandma's Marathon.  My training program is a little off course from my RW Smart Coach plan because of the 5k's 10K's and triathlons that I threw in the mix.  So today was my 18 mile long --- slow  --- run.

I had gotten promises from several friends that they would come out and run a few miles with me to help me get through this run.  Thank goodness for Katie - she was the only friend who showed up.  She was there at 0630 and ran the first 6 with me.  I always run a bit faster when someone is running with me - the competitive spirit kicks in.  But I forced myself to slow down - walk the curves of Honor Field.  We finished 6 in 1:10.

I was sure that someone would eventually show and run 2-3 miles at a time - but there must have been parish wide electrical problems. No one's alarm clocks went off and everyone over slept.

Still, running the last 12 by myself wasn't too bad.  About mile 15, it started to get warm. I began thinking that I should have started at least a half hour earlier.  At least there was a breeze. I finished the 18 miles in under 4 hours - even did more than 18 including 2 walks to the porta-potty and the fact that Honor Field is actually about .01 longer than a mile.  It starts adding up with so many laps.

Mileage Recap:
1:  11:36                      10: 10:51
2:  11:32                      11: 11:12
3:  12:07                      12: 11:20
4:  11:38                      13: 14:28 (BR)
5:  11:40                      14: 15:08 (walk break)
6:  11:46                      15: 11:41
7:  12:36                      16: 11:16
8:  14:42  (BR break)   17: 11:39
9:  11:15                      18: 11:43

As usual - my treat after the really long runs - Whopper Jr with cheese (of course - minus ketchup and mayo - saving a few calories)

Next week is the Combat Triathlon in Texas City.  Just a little competitive cross training.

I will post again after the triathlon.

May 19, 2011

Speed Workout

Today my Runner's World Smart Coach called for a 6 mile speed work out.  1 mile warm-up, 4 X 1600 @ 10:02, then 1 mile cool down.  I have such a hard time gauging the speed that I run.  I think that I am doing great - I'll look down at my Garmin at I'm running a 12:00 minute mile or the opposite - I feel like I am plugging along - I'll look and I going 9:15.

So, I have been doing all my Speed and Tempo runs on the treadmill at the gym early in the morning.  This has been my Thursday routine for the past year.  I faithfully did all the workouts before the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon - I was sure that I would break 5:00.  Then got stomach cramps and made 2 porta potty stops during the last 6 miles.

So, now for Grandma's Marathon - I have done nearly every Speed and Tempo Run.  This morning felt realy good.  I can't select 10:02 - so I ran all the miles at 10:00.  My heart rate did get up into the high 160's periodically - but I burned 600 calories!!

This afternoon, will be a little swimming.  If I can get to the pool before the kids are out of school, I might be able to practice swimming in different lanes like the Triathlon will be (in 8 days).

May 10, 2011

Brick Workout

I am getting back on track.  My marathon schedule called for a 2 mile easy run today.  What a great opportunity to get in a brick workout and bike a little also.  The plan was to spend about 20 minutes on the bike then run the 2 mile loop around the Golf course.  I actually got to the gym at 4:55 and ended up riding for over 25 minutes (200 calories burned).  It was a beautiful morning to run - still dark - but enough light on the golf course that I won't trip over a pine cone and break my ankle.

Combat Triathlon is only 18 days away.  Trying to stay focused on the Marathon plan.  Tempo run on Thursday and long 16 mile run on Sunday.

May 7, 2011

2011 RocketChix Triathlon 1 - May 1, 2011

This may be a week late - but need to catch up the blog.  I also need to document reasons why I am so far behind in my Grandma's Marathon training.  I just love the RocketChix triathlon.  The  participants are so diverse in their athletic abilities.  I like to see the women who just glide through the water making flip turns and are off on their bike before I even enter the water.  There are many 1st timers in the race.  My goal is always just to finish.  My swimming is getting better - but I still spend the majority of the time doing the breast stroke.

Katie, who works at the same hospital that I do, entered the race with me.  She is a much better swimmer than I am.  She did great and beat me by 3 minutes.  Because of the high Mississippi River - the Bike course had to be shortened.  Overall, a great day, and a great race.
Getting ready to swim
Finishing the bike portion

Katie just so excited to start her run

Finishing the run

Fran and Katie - all finished
 Great way to start the day.  Thanks to my daughter, Jennifer, and her friend Brandy who came to chear us on and take pictures.

May 5, 2011

RocketChix Triathlon - Baton Rouge - May 1, 2011

Stay tuned - As soon as I get the pictures that Jennifer took during the race.  I will post a blog of Katy and I doing the Rocket Chix Triathlon.