Steve and Fran in Pictures

Steve & Fran through the Years in Pictures

First Picture of Steve & Fran together
Steve used the timer on his Cannon AE1
Taken about August 1981

August 1982
After Softball game, Fran pregnant with Jenny

Steve and Fran drove from Stuttgart, GE to Bristol England.
We went to the Woggle Rally with Noddy
We drove through Germany, Belgium, and France then
took the ferry from Calais over to Dover

Gibson Family
Picture taken days before Steve deployed to Desert Storm
December 1990

Spring 1994
Gibson Family
Steve had gotten out of the Army in January and had finally
 gotten a chance to grow a beard.  Then in July, he began working
for Lockheed Martin - a company with a facial hair policy and the
beard had to go.

Our first Cruise
Ship docked in Cozumel
January 2002

Christmas 2005

Steve & Fran at Crowroad April 2006
This was probably one of Steve's Happiest memories.
He and his band had played a benefit gig and he had
met the members of Molly Hatchet.  The members had signed
a guitar that was to be donated.  We both had a great time that weekend.

Gibson Family 2007

2008 Spring Fling

June 2009
Steve & Fran went to visit Chris in Alaska

February 14, 2010
Steve & Fran at the Mardi Gras Ball

Jennifer's Wedding October 14, 2010

Spring 2013
Daffodils begin to bloom near
Steve's Highway marker
Hwy 63 Texas