May 7, 2011

2011 RocketChix Triathlon 1 - May 1, 2011

This may be a week late - but need to catch up the blog.  I also need to document reasons why I am so far behind in my Grandma's Marathon training.  I just love the RocketChix triathlon.  The  participants are so diverse in their athletic abilities.  I like to see the women who just glide through the water making flip turns and are off on their bike before I even enter the water.  There are many 1st timers in the race.  My goal is always just to finish.  My swimming is getting better - but I still spend the majority of the time doing the breast stroke.

Katie, who works at the same hospital that I do, entered the race with me.  She is a much better swimmer than I am.  She did great and beat me by 3 minutes.  Because of the high Mississippi River - the Bike course had to be shortened.  Overall, a great day, and a great race.
Getting ready to swim
Finishing the bike portion

Katie just so excited to start her run

Finishing the run

Fran and Katie - all finished
 Great way to start the day.  Thanks to my daughter, Jennifer, and her friend Brandy who came to chear us on and take pictures.

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