May 22, 2011

Last LONG run

Today was the scheduled last long run before Grandma's Marathon.  My training program is a little off course from my RW Smart Coach plan because of the 5k's 10K's and triathlons that I threw in the mix.  So today was my 18 mile long --- slow  --- run.

I had gotten promises from several friends that they would come out and run a few miles with me to help me get through this run.  Thank goodness for Katie - she was the only friend who showed up.  She was there at 0630 and ran the first 6 with me.  I always run a bit faster when someone is running with me - the competitive spirit kicks in.  But I forced myself to slow down - walk the curves of Honor Field.  We finished 6 in 1:10.

I was sure that someone would eventually show and run 2-3 miles at a time - but there must have been parish wide electrical problems. No one's alarm clocks went off and everyone over slept.

Still, running the last 12 by myself wasn't too bad.  About mile 15, it started to get warm. I began thinking that I should have started at least a half hour earlier.  At least there was a breeze. I finished the 18 miles in under 4 hours - even did more than 18 including 2 walks to the porta-potty and the fact that Honor Field is actually about .01 longer than a mile.  It starts adding up with so many laps.

Mileage Recap:
1:  11:36                      10: 10:51
2:  11:32                      11: 11:12
3:  12:07                      12: 11:20
4:  11:38                      13: 14:28 (BR)
5:  11:40                      14: 15:08 (walk break)
6:  11:46                      15: 11:41
7:  12:36                      16: 11:16
8:  14:42  (BR break)   17: 11:39
9:  11:15                      18: 11:43

As usual - my treat after the really long runs - Whopper Jr with cheese (of course - minus ketchup and mayo - saving a few calories)

Next week is the Combat Triathlon in Texas City.  Just a little competitive cross training.

I will post again after the triathlon.

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