June 3, 2011

Current Books

I read alot - but my husband has to remind me that I don't read, but LISTEN to book.  I really got interested in Audio books when I was transferred to San Antonio and Steve stayed in Louisiana with the kids.  I traveled back and forth at least twice a month.  14 hours in the car is a long time looking for radio stations.  I would go to the Library and pick up about 4 books on tape - then listen as I drove.  Time just flew by.

I also used to read a lot lying in bed at night - but something happened and now all I want to do is sleep - I usually wake up after I have drifted off to sleep and the book is hitting me in the face.  I did get a Kindle - dissapointed that it didn't have a back light (I so want the Ipad - but just can't seem to spend the money).

I am listening to the Help - great book.  I did not even know
 that it was going to be made into a movie - Saw the preview
 when we watch Bridesmaids last weekend.
  The movie looks as good as the book.

 I am reading this on my Kindle.  Works great at the pool in the sun.
  (I know the Ipad probably can't do that).  I like Kristin Armstrong's
 group of running friends.  Such Passion about running, friends, and her kids.

One last training run in Louisiana before Grandma's Marathon on Sunday.  Several friends have promised to come out and each run a few miles with me.  Sure will make the 12 go a little faster..  I am working on my costume.  My husband said, "You're going to run in that?"  This will be my first running costume.  I usually don't like things shaking or bumping against me for 26 miles.  Costume may go by the wayside very quickly.

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  1. LOVED The Help!! One of my all-time favorites. Hope to see you at Grandma's!! Good luck!