December 12, 2012

12-12-12 - Celebrating an Anniversary Alone

I have always been fascinated by repeating dates.  I reenlisted in the Army once on 7-7-77.  So I have kept my eye on repeating dates as they approached.  A couple of years ago, I realized that our wedding anniversary would be 12-12-12.  I just thought that it would be some sort of magical day.  How many marriages last 31 years??  I even began to notice the Louisiana State Inspection Sticker on my car in 2007.  The inspection sticker said 8-8 (it would expire in August 2008).  So I strategically got my car inspected on the first date of the month after it was due.  My goal was to keep the car until at least December 2012.  So each year, I was so proud of myself as the stickers began: 9-9, 10-10, 11-11.

Then when Steve died, the significance sort of died also.  It wasn't as fun any more.  I have a 12-12 sticker now, but the next one is sort of a let down.  If I get it this month, it will read 12-13 or I could wait until January and the sticker will be 1-14.   Not any numerical significance with either choice. Theoretically, doing this for 10 years has saved me a whopping $10.00.

So this day has been kind of rough, several mini meltdowns.  For some reason this year has been harder than last year.  We probably wouldn't have done anything today since it is in the middle of the week.  But, I know that I would have gotten flowers or a plant.  And Steve would have figured out something to get me that I would have really enjoyed even though I would have told him not to get me anything.  He has gotten me great presents over the years.

So when a plant arrived today, the tears just started flowing.

Obviously, it was from someone who knew me well.  My daughter, Jennifer, had sent me a plant.

Daughters just don't get any better than this.

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