September 20, 2011

Pink Dress Run - report

Saturday night Janet and I went to Alexandria and had fun at the Pink Dress Run.  Of course this wasn't a real run, but a fun run for a good cause.  It was a fund raiser for the Alexandria Komen 5K next month.

The event was sponsored by Run Wild and Walker Automotive.  This was the first event of this kind and I felt that it was very well organized.  It reminded me of the Red Dress Run in New Orleans (without the bars, Bourbon street, and beer).

Me and Janet in out pink dresses.
It's all about accessories - with my Hello Kitty purse

I really should have removed my sunglasses

Everyone got in the spirit - some outfits were very creative. 


  1. You and Janet look nice ... ummm, everyone else???

  2. This looks like alot of fun!! Thanks for stopping by my blog a few times, sorry it took me a bit to get to yours. Look forward to following you.

  3. If the Cowbell is as awesome as I think it's going to be it could definitely become an annual event! You would be more than welcome next year :)