October 3, 2011

Exercise - the ultimate stress reliever

Several households in my family and extended family are tired and stressed.  Details on a previous post - but we have a 32 day old grandchild in the hospital.  For a several days, it was very scary and he was very sick.  He is not home yet, but labs look good, and he is acting like a healthy baby should act.

But in the mean time.......having someone in the hospital and trying to continue with normal life activities is hard on everyone.  So far, the only casualty is a broken iPhone.  Eating healthy is almost impossible.  Meals usually consist of take-out that is brought back to the hospital or like the last 2 nights  - Pizza and Mexican.  Scale this morning reported a 1.5 pound increase from Friday.

My next half marathon is the Jazz half marathon and I am trying to get a PR of 2:05.   In my attempt to do the impossible, I am trying to strictly adhere to my running schedule.  Today was not a running day, but I knew that some exercise would help.

So, I set the alarm early - but woke up 15 minutes before the alarm went off (don't you hate that).  I laid in bed for a few minutes - not work falling back asleep.  I tried to sneak out of be without waking my husband (he doesn't get up until 0530) but he must have been awake anyway.  He said, "It's 4 o'clock".  My reply, "yes, I know, I'm going spinning".  He said, "Not, me" and fell back asleep.

Great spinning class.  Monday's class was full of soldiers for their morning PT.  It is what I needed.  If I am lucky, I might have burned off 1 slice of pizza.

Tonight, I am doing the night shift at the hospital so that others can get a good night's sleep.  I will get relieved in time to go do some strength training with my trainer - then go to bed.  It is all worth it!!!

Cole - 32 days old


  1. That's awesome girl. Your amazing to do all that!

  2. Glad the little guy's looking better! Stressful indeed - we've been blessed with our grandchild so far. Great job on maintaining as normal schedule as possible - tough indeed!