August 29, 2011

Bike Ride as Cross Training

I am going to put forth a good effort to blog on a regular basis - not promising daily blogs, but at least several times a week.

Through Facebook, I met Lisa Ford, who is a member of a bike group out of Lake Charles.  She invited me to join their group.  They usually ride on Saturday morning and one day during the week.  The group starts at Sam Houston State Park just outside of Lake Charles - which is 77 miles from my house. 

So Saturday morning, I left my house at 0445 to meet the group by 0620.  Some members meet at McDonald's.  I followed them into park. 

After the regular routine of getting dressed, shoes on, tires pumped, and quick bathroom break - we were off.

Since this was my first time - I was more than happy to stay near the middle or back of the pack and draft off of the other riders.  Depending on the road and the traffice, riders spread out a little further.  We rode 22 miles to DeQuincy, LA and stopped at the Burger King for breakfast.  What a great way to sabbotage all that healthy exercies - one Burger King Breakfast Bowl with 540 Calories and 42g of Fat.  Oh well....

We then headed back a "shorter" 20 mile route.

What a great day and a great time.  I am hoping to be able to fit this in at least once a month

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