December 8, 2011

The Well Pump Drama

I live in the country and have a well pump.  There is access to "City Water" but Steve and I loved  the taste of the good water that came from the well.  Steve was in charge of keeping the well pump up and running - He did all the maintenance and repairs as needed.

Whenever, he would leave for a few days, I would ask him to check out the well pump and make sure everything was working properly.  It always seemed like when he left - something would break and I would have to call in a repair person.

Just last January, Steve and I were both gone, the weather dropped into the 20's and several pipes burst.  I came home to water everywhere and a screeching noise from the pump.  The repairs were well beyond my capability - So, I was just without water for 2 days until Steve got home.

He would be out in the wet and cold - and never complained. biggest fear is that the well pump and pipes would break.  I spent several nights insullating the pipes, walls, making sure the heat lamp worked, and whatever else I could to keep thngs working for at least another year.  I even had a service done on the pump itself and changed the air filter.

This morning, I woke up to no water.  I went out in the cold - yes 28 degrees in Louisiana - and found 3 inches of water in the pump house and the pump making a noise like the motor had been running way too long.

I didn't cry - I just figured that this was Steve's way of remindng me how much I needed him.  I really didn't need a reminder.  It probably wasn't even the cold that caused the pipe to break, it just had a small crack that gave way - the water didn't freeze - I guess my insulation worked.

So the wonderful repair man is here - fixing the broke pipe.  Hopefully, this will be my one an only repair job this winter.

Miss you Steve and wish that you were the one doing the repairs.

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