December 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary Steve

30 years ago, you and I drove from Fort Lewis, WA to Reno, NV to get married.  You had recently re-enlisted and we used part of your bonus for the trip. The MGM grand was having a special for Active Duty military - $32.00 a night.  So, we took advantage of the low rate.

We drove my Fiat Spider convertable down Interstate 5 for Sacramento then went over the pass to Reno.   When we got into the mountains, it was snowing.  My little convertable wastn't used to cold weather and it was freezing in the car.  Then we got to the pass and had to have snow chains to go any further.  You had anticipated this and bought tire chains before we left Washington.  I remember you laying in the snow putting the chains on.

We had a good time in Reno.  This was the first time that I had ever gambled.  We played craps and won money the first night - then lost it all the next night.

You always used to complain that I spent your re-enlistment bonus when we got married.  I am sorry - I tried to make it up to you and built you a shop.  I hope we ended up even.

Dates and anniversaries never mattered to me much.  It was just a date on the calendar.  I always said - "let's go out on a Friday or Saturday".  It didn't have to be the exact date.  There were years when I even forgot our anniversary.  I always felt so bad when you gave me a gift or card and I forgot the date.  I think that it made you feel a little superior.  You bought me gifts when I told you not to.  And you bought me flowers when I asked you not to.

I have this card from our 20th Anniversary... I bet you would have done something very special for the 30th Anniversary.

Thanks for asking me to marry you.  I miss you so much.  I would really like to take a "marriage enrichment" motorcycle ride with you.  We could go out to dinner and I could try and figure out something to get you as a gift.  Well, maybe in my dreams.

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  1. Fran, this made me cry. I never knew the story, but just remember my Mom telling me that it was just a decision and that you both got married. Thanks for sharing. There is so much that I didn't know about Steve, even though he was my brother, we were really miles apart.