December 13, 2011

Hip Pain

On Sunday, Lee and I had our 16 mile long run.  Only 33 Days until The Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge.  Heidi joined us for about 10 miles.  My right hip just didn't want to stop hurting.  It isn't the kind of pain that will make me stop running - it is just the nagging pain to let me know something is just not quite right.

Well, you can't fix something if you don't know exactly what is wrong.  Do I need to strength train more on the hip?  Well, if something is partially torn or partially broken (tendon, ligament, muscle, or stress fracture), I am worried that certain kinds of training might make it worse.

So, I decided to go to the doctor to see what is wrong.  But.... with the military system, I just can't go see an orthopedic doctor.  No, I have to see an internal medicine doc first who will refer me to an orthopod.  First available appointment is December 21st.  Right after I do my 20 mile run.

In the mean time, Fran's plan is just to take is easy - I am sticking with Runner's World Smart Coach plan - but just might not run quite so fast.

This morning Rosalyn and I ran 5 easy miles and the hip didn't hurt during or after the run.

My plan might work.

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