December 14, 2011

Crying at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping should not be a traumatic event.  I just had to pick up a few things - So ran to the Commissary.  But today wasn't one of my better days.

It started near the bakery, when I saw the kind of bread that Steve liked so much. Then in the meat department, I picked out some real good looking boneless pork chops.  Steve liked pork and I couldn't always find nice pork chops to cook - but today there was a big selection.  Then the final straw was when I went in the back and couldn't even go down the pretzel aisle. 

I always made sure that we had plenty of pretzels.  It was Steve's favorite snack.   But, I have plenty of pretzels at my house.  There isn't anyone to eat them.  When my son, Scott, comes over (now only about once a month since he lives in Shreveport) he eats a few.

It was hard enough transitioning from cooking for a family of 5 down to just Steve and I.  Now cooking for only 1 is so hard.  Just something else to get used to.

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