December 18, 2011

Weekend in Florida

In my attempt to blog regularly, I will try to post something every few days. 

My mother lives in Florida, outside of Orlando.  She is by herself, without any family nearby.  So, I try to visit her as often as possible.  I flew in Thursday night and will leave tomorrow morning.

While I am here, I try to help her with some errands and shopping.  We were even able to get in an eye doctor appointment while I was here.

The weather was a little cool.  I didn't bring any cold weather clothes with me or my running gloves.  It was 50 degrees this morning when I woke up - I would not have been dressed properly - so, I waited until about 0930 to run.  It was about 54 degrees - but very windy.  But the sun was out so warmed up more as I ran.

My hip is still hurting a little bit - so, I slowed down and walked a little more than planned.  Doctor appointment this week - maybe I might be able to get an X-ray or MRI scheduled so I can see if there is something really wrong - or just wear & tear.

4 week until the Louisiana  Marathon.  I still have an 18 & 20 mile training run.  If something is really wrong - I would hate to aggravate it worse with the long training runs.  So - I will just go a little slower - that's the plan.

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  1. I've been having trouble with my hips for several months, and ART (active release technique) has been amazing for it! I highly recommend it if you can find someone in your area that does it.