December 26, 2011

Long Run and Christmas

18 milers scheduled for the long run for this week.  Sunday is usually the day for my long runs, but I didn't really want to  spend 3-4 hours Christmas morning out running.  So, I planned to run on Saturday (Christmas Eve) instead.  Because of a wild personal schedule, rain, weather, and shopping, I only had about a day and a half rest between what I thought was a brutal 5 mile speed workout and my long run.

Last week it was my hip that was bothering me.  Well, after a wonderful massage session where Rachel stretched out all my hip muscles (she said I was very tight), my hip hardly hurts at all.   Now, because of what I diagnose as "not enough rest time between runs", I am having knee pain.

I have iced, motrined, and elevated - but still is a little tender.  I will see what the easy 2 miler feels like tomorrow morning.  When my hip was hurting - I was debating with myself about dropping back and only doing the half marathon in 3 weeks.  Now - it is probably even more likely.  It is hurting just to walk right now.

Christmas morning was spent at my daughter Jennifer's house.   Her husband and 2 children were there as well as son Scott, his girlfriend, and extended family members.  We did the traditional present opening followed by big breakfast.  Only one other Christmas, when Steve was deployed during Desert Storm, were we not all together.  This Christmas was hard not having him with us.

Me (Fran), my son Scott, and Girlfriend Alanna.
Scott has just received his shirt for the Disney Princess Half Marathon

Baby Cole's 1st Christmas - healthy now
Nothing quite says Christmas in the South as
getting a new weapon.

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