January 5, 2012

Injured - Races TBD

Forgot to post this - was still one of  my "Saved" posts

On Tuesday, my SmartCoach plan called for an easy 2 mile run.  I am a morning runner.  I just don't seem to have the energy to run after work any more. But with time changes and the time of year, 0600 is very dark.  I prefer to run outside rather that at the gym.  Running outside in the dark is like playing Russian Roulette.  You can play for a long time - but eventually something bad is going to happen.

I run my easy 2 milers on the running trail around the golf course at Fort Polk, LA.  It is an asphault trail with easy Louisiana hills that encompasses the golf course on post.  My friend, Rosalyn, and I are about 1.5 miles into the run. I am feeling good. My hip doesn't hurt.  Then, suddenly, I am on the ground in extreme pain.

Apparently, my right foot landed just on the edge of the asphault near a large hole.  My ankle rolled and I am on the ground.  I sit on the ground while Rosalyn goes and gets her car.  But the ground is too cold and wet, so, I hobble and meet her about half way.

I manage to drive myself back home, then nurse Fran goes into action.  I immediately take 600mg of Motrin, fill a bag with ice, and elevate my leg for about 30 minutes.  I go to the Emergency Room.  X-rays are all normal.  Just a "bad sprain".  Bad sprain can mean horrible ligament damage.  I have a consult for an Orthopedic doctor - but with military medicine - It might take weeks.  Only an MRI will tell if there is any damage.

In the mean time - I am elevating, icing, and taking Motrin.  I am able to move the ankle and walk. But, I am taking it very gingerly.

I just don't know what this means for Race plans.  The Louisiana Marathon is less than 3 weeks away.  I did have a 20 miler scheduled for Sunday.  Even if I can't run for 3 weeks, I can probably still do the half.  So dissapointed.  This was going to be my PR - I was hoping for a 4:45 or less.  I had done all my training perfectly. 

We will just have to make new plans - and reevaluate in about a week.


  1. So sorry to see that photo of your poor ankle! And really sorry about the marathon. That's such a bummer. Hope you heal quickly.

  2. More "speedy healing" thoughts coming your way - hopefully you'll be good as new in a few days...