January 16, 2012

Frannie's 2011 review

As said in my daughter Jennifer's Blog, it is best to start with the most important events of the year.  Without even thinking, 2011 will always be the year that Steve died. Everything else pales in comparison.  But 2011 had a very wonderful event.  Grandson, Cole, was born.  Already, he is developing a personality of his own.  He seems like a happy baby.  I think that he is just holding it all back until he turns 2.

Welcome to the world Cole William Lohrke

Fran feeding Cole in the ER - 9-27-2011
Just starting a 20 day hospitalization
 During 2011, I ran my fastest 5K, fastest 10K, fastest half Marathon, and fastest Marathon ever.  I travelled frequently for my races.  Steve got bored and didn't want to come along.  But, he would always call me and asked me how I did.  I sometimes just feel like he is away at Daytona (where he didn't usually carry his phone).  I miss telling him about my day or my run.  But I can hear him anyway saying something like:  "You know the deal" 

This was one of my most busy years.  During 2011, I finished:

                               2 Marathons
                               7 Half Marathons
                               3 10Ks
                               4 5Ks
                               4 Triathlons

January - Park to Park Half Marathon - Sulfur, LA

This is a picture of Sara (24) and me (25) at the start of the
Park to Park Half Marathon.  I decided that I needed a motivational
picture on the refrigerator for loosing a few pounds.  I showed Steve
several pictures and said "which one makes me look the fatest?"
He picked this picture.  Only a husband who really loves you
could answer a question like that honestly.

February - Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon

Grandson, Corbin, jumped in at the end of the race
and helped me cross the finish line.

March - Red River Run - 10K
              Charity 5k - PR - 29:00
              Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon

Steve and me at the Mardi Gras Ball.
Steve didn't stay in the suit long.
His band, Leroy Skillet, began playing
shortly after this was taken
April - Anacoco Tail Twisting 10K - PR - 58:52
           Crescent City Classic

May - Rocketchix Triathlon I - LSU - Baton Rouge, LA
          Armadillo Stampede  - 5K
          Combat Triathlon - Texas City, TX

June - Grandma's Marathon - PR - 4:59:47
          Sugarland Triathlon - Sugarland, TX

This was me in my Mardi Gras Costume
for Grandma's marathon.  Unfortunately,
it seems that most people in Minnesota
don't know what Mardi Gras is... and just
called me the "Bird Lady".

July - Rocketchix Triathlon II

August - Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon

This is the last picture that I can find of Steve and me together.
We are having breakfast at the Booker Lewis House when
his sisters came to visit for Jennifer's baby shower.
This was taken August 6, 2011.

Steve taking Corbin to his first day of 1st Grade.
One of my favorite pictures that Jennifer has taken.
Don't know what made Corbin look so happy, but I
know that Steve loved Corbin.

September - Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon

October - Alexandria Komen 5K
                Jazz Half Marathon - PR - 1:00:20

This is probably the last picture take of Steve.  He was driving
Kris up to the Hospital.  He was driving her to the hospital
to stay the night with Cole.

November - Keeping it Alive CenLa's Half Marathon
                    Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon

December - Christmas Festival 5K - Natchitoches, LA

I got tired just writing all these events down.  This was just one crazy year.  I might have attempted too many events, but I was able to finish all with fairly decent times.  I had been training for a Marathon in January but fell on December 27th. Previous post describes the details. So No Marathon for me.  I did go and chear my running partners - who both had very good times.

After reading an article in Runner's World soemthing about What to next in your running life... The article focused on what do do once you have met personal goals.  I thought about getting involved and working with others to run their FIRST half marathon.  I sent out flyers, put an article in The Guardian (Fort Polk's local paper), and sent out information on Facebook.  After just a few short weeks, I was e-mailing over 70 people.  I was so overwhelmed with the numbers of people.  Because of this effort, I met some wonderful new friends (Lee, Heidi, and Rosalyn).  Several of which have helped me through the last 2 horrible months.  I did help 2 people run their first Half Marthon and introduced several people to new running partners.  All in all, it was one of the better things that I did in 2011.

Hoping that 2012 is a good year.  I know that it shouldn't be worse that 2011.

I have some family vacations planned, of course some runs (already registered), and 2 cruises with my in-laws.  I will try to be a better blogger.

This is one of the displays at Steve's Memorial.
Steve was loved by so many.
I miss him..

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