January 22, 2012

Going on... One Step at a Time

Today, I get to try to start running again.  I injured my ankle on one of my "easy" runs 2 days after Christmas. I had been training for the Louisiana Marathon, which took place in Baton Rouge last weekend.  Instead of trying for what could have been my best time ever on an extremely flat course, I was cheerleader.  My grandson, Corbin,  ran a half mile race and my daughter, Jennifer,  ran her first 5K since having the baby in September. My friends Lee and Rosalyn both had great times.  I was so proud of them all.

Linda, Brandy, Jennifer, and Corbin after their runs

Lee and Rosalyn before their runs
 So after, 3 weeks of cold, heat, compression, elevation, Motrin, massage therapy and physical therapy, I have been cleared to run 1 mile.  It is a start.  But at 54 years old, starting over after nearly a month without running is hard.  It will take some time to get me back (if ever) to my pre-injury level.  I just need to take it slowly and work on my training very diligently.

I follow a blog called:  Shut Up and Run.  This blog is written by an amazing runner and athlete.  She is very funny with her blog and says things out loud - that I think.  Recently, her cousin was tragically killed.  She has blogged about the tragic events and how she is trying to cope.  She says that it is helping her.

So for those of you who read my blog, you are probably going to see more written of Steve.  I am finding that writing about this is very therapeutic.  And these days, I need therapy.  My blog is very basic - Jennifer's Blog is so much better.

Crying is just an every day event for me.  I see something in the house or think of something that Steve did and the tears just flow.  Friday, I went grocery shopping.  I still can't walk down the pretzel aisle.  I just look over and start crying.

Steve was so talented in so many ways.  I probably took him for granted way too much.  I am listening to his music - he was a great musician and song writer.  I really never listened so closely before he died.

He was good at everything that he did.  He was so good with his hands.Whether making a guitar, fixing the tractor, fixing the shower, or sitting down with Corbin and making the best train track ever.  He was a Harley Davidson motorcycle rider - but he changed diapers, fixed dinner, grew roses, and washed dishes.  I would listen to other wives complain about their husbands - I didn't have anything to complain about - I would just brag about what a wonderful husband I had.

The Gibson Family, October 13, 2010
Acme Oyster House - New Orleans
I cleaned yesterday.  Scrubbed toilets, vacuumed, and dusted.  Another form of "Fran's Therapy". The weather was beautiful outside.  I know what Steve would have said, "Open the windows".  So that is what I did.  Steve would have liked that.

So as with my running, one step at a time, I am trying to go on without Steve...One step at a time.

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