February 22, 2012

Preview to Disney - It has to be better than last time!!!

Tomorrow we leave for Disney World.  One of my favorite places on earth.  Several members of the family are running the Royal Family 5k and the Princess Half Marathon.

I haven't done much blogging - I always want to have a happy up-beat blog - but haven't felt very happy or up-beat lately.  Whenever someone asks me "How are you doing?", my standard answer is 'OK'.  My new mantra is "Fake it until you make it".  Might be a while until I have made it.

I have been looking forward to this vacation.  It was planned early last year - months before Steve was killed.  Since Steve did not like Disney - he wasn't planning on going.  So, this would have been a vacation without him - I'm hoping to be able to relax and have fun without seeing constant reminders of him everywhere.

Also, this is a costume run.  I am Biker Tinkerbell and Jennifer is Snow White.  What great photo opportunities!!  Andrew and Scott have T-shirts that Jennifer had made for them.  Should be excellent Blog material.

The last Disney run that we went on was in January 2010.  Probably listed as the coldest Florida on record.  I ran the Goofy.  Saturday, for the half, it was sleeting and about 26 degrees.  Sunday, for the Full marathon, it was windy, raining and about 33 degrees.  The 2 most miserable runs that I have ever done.  I really earned that Goofy Medal! Then even more horrible was the cold wait for the bus back to the hotel.

Jennifer and Fran - bundled up before the 2010 Disney half marathon.
We ran with the trash bags on for about 3 miles.

This year - we should have good weather.

Watch for a future blog update on the run.

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