July 30, 2012

RocketChix II - July 28, 2012

This was my first triathlon is a year.  Last year I did 5 triathlons, but this year, I just couldn't get motivated to do the training.  But my trainer, Lindsay did one earlier and talked about how fun it ws and my friend, Julie just got a new bike and wants to do triathlons....so I got inspired to start training.

I don't think that I trained enough.  But, I am registered for 3 more over the next few months, so all I can do is improve.

Note to Self...Braid my hair before I stand in the sun for an hour
and my hands are all sweaty.

Christy, Heidi, and Fran before the tri

Fran waiting in the swim line

And she's off...

Running toward transition
The Swim and Bike portions felt good.  But they must have really drained my energy tank.  By the time that I got to the run, I was exhausted.  It was hot, but I just felt empty.  Usually on the run, I am passing people easily.  I still passed people, but got passed by others also.  It just means that I need to train more for the next triathlon on August 18

350 meter Swim:  9:41
11.3 mile Bike:  42:09 (16.1)
2 mile Run:  19:14 (9:37)

Even though I didn't feel like this was one of my best races, I stil placed 133rd out of 274 (road bike division) and placed 6th out of 21 (F - 55-59 Division)
Fran, Heidi, and Christy - RocketChix

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