July 6, 2012

4th of July with the Corbinator

I started out the day going on an "easy" run with some friends.  My Runner's World SmartCoach plan called for 2 miles at 10:45.  My friends are faster than me.  They will run a 9:00 minute pace and just chat away the whole time.  When I am at a 9:00 minute pace, I am just lucky to breathe.  I had to ask them to slow down a bit so that I would be able to hang with them.  I ended up running 3.24 miles in 30:51 (9:31 pace).  So much for a slow / easy run.

Andrew, my son-in-law, was coming over to chain saw for a while.  In my ever constant vigil to get the property looking better (part of Fran's therapy), I am clearing around trees, fence lines, and wood piles that have been over grown.  Note to self:  When you see that cute little oak or pine tree growing, pull it out or 5 years from now it will be a very big tree that you have to have chain sawed or pulled out with a tractor. Jennifer had to work, so I watched the boys while Andrew chain sawed.

Of course, it was very hot.  Andrew cut quite a few of the trees down, then he started cutting away at the Pampas grass.  I vow that the Pampas grass will be gone before the fall!!!  The sound of the chain saw was another emotional melt down for me.  I remember times when Steve would be out cutting up fire wood or a downed tree.  Then it was my job to stack the wood after he cut it. Good memories.

Steve cutting a downed tree August 2004.  This was the month before
Hurricane Rita came through and we ended up with 5 more downed trees
Corbin and I headed to the pool about noon.  I wished that I had taken a picture of him swimming - it would have made for a better blog.  Next time.  I swam laps with some friends while Corbin played in the shallow end.  When I finished swimming laps, Corbin and I played throwing a ball. Good way to cool off in the heat.

A bit warm outside
Freedom Fest was scheduled for Fort Polk from 4:00pm - Fireworks.  I hadn't seen fireworks in so many years, so wanted to go this year.  The 4th of July wasn't a major holiday for me personally, so I almost always volunteered to take call when I worked in surgery.  I couldn't go an watch the fireworks because I wouldn't have been able to get out and get to the hospital in 30 minutes.  Since I am not in surgery anymore, I have a bit more freedom.

We went to Freedom Fest about 6pm, parked in the designated parking lot, and took the shuttle bus to the field where everything was set up.  Gretchen Wilson was already playing and there were thousands of people enjoying the show.

The 4 lanes of Hwy 467 were blocked off for vendors and the smell of grease made me hungry, but Corbin had his eyes on the kid section with jump houses, slides, and games to play.  So we headed over to the carnival section. All the games were sponsored by military units and support groups for fund raising.  So it was a good cause.

First thing Corbin saw was a basketball game.  He made the goal at least twice and was very proud of his 39cent water pistol that he won.

Corbin waiting his turn to throw the basketball.

Corbin making his free throw

The next event was the dunking booth.  One of the commanders was sitting in the booth and was visibly wet from being dunked so many times.  There were several small children in front of Corbin.  Most couldn't hit the target or not hit it hard enough to cause the drop.  So they were allowed to just come hit the target so the man would drop.

Corbin at the Dunking Booth

Corbin got up there with his six balls.  I just figured that he would end up pushing the target with his hand.  On his second ball, he hit the target hard enough and in the right spot to sink the commander!!

Corbin spent quite a while jumping and sliding.  Then it was on to Pizza and Dippin Dots.

We listened to the 50 gun salute to the nation, then a concert by .38 special. Finally it was dark enough for the fireworks to begin.  Very good fireworks.  Back to the car and home by 10:30.  Long, but very good day.

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  1. Kids I think love the fourth of July much more than parents will. I'm a history geek but I can never seem to stay up for fireworks. I must be a loser.

    We just had lightening hit a tree by our house, now we have enough firewood to last all winter. Thank goodness we had people come chainsaw it. My husband would have done himself in.